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Margit and I have recently returned from a trip to France, to source new and wonderful fabrics for the 2013 range, and what a success it was!

You can imagine my excitement when Margit asked me to come along to help chose fabrics for the next season at the the annual MareDiModa Trade Show in Cannes; I was giddy with joy – and fast to update my Facebook and twitter status to announce this to the world. Even though we went during the early days of winter, the sun blessed us, and it was a beautiful week. Cannes is an inspiring harbour town, with majestic hotels, spectacular views and quaint holiday homes for the rich and famous – you can’t help but feel inspired.

*Some images of Cannes and surrounding areas

Although things did not get off to a good start, what with Margit’s luggage getting lost somewhere between Johannesburg and Nice, and me, catching some kind of stomach flu, day 2 looked promising right from the start. Walking into the very first stand, we managed to find some interesting prints, and I could see the excitement building up in Margit’s head. Stand after stand we managed to rack up countless hangers, colour cards and catalogues. From floral to neoprene, plain to graphics – we felt like little children in a candy store. Luckily we made the wise decision to sleep on our choices and only place orders the following day. Needless to say, we were over-excited with our selection and had to eliminate more than half of what we had taken photos of.

With the exhibition only lasting 3 days, and us only arriving on day 2, we had our hands full and the pressure was on to place orders fairly early on the 3rd day, by 2pm all was complete and our orders for 2013/14 were set (for the sampling at least)

Now, all that is left is for Margit to carry her inspiration through, and create that incredible collection that is going to wow us all. We are certainly in for a treat next year…



*The Majestic Barriere – La Croisette – the beautiful hotel we stayed in.

*Inside the Trade Show

* Scooter parked outside a small apartment

* The incredible yachts in Antibes

* Zara, in the main shopping street in Cannes (we couldn’t resist)



Author~ Michele Aveling