Summer is Here! Find Your Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Type

October 14, 2013

If you are still carrying some of that winter weight, and are not quite ready to show your stomach – try the following:


Opt for colours and patterns with a dark base, or if two-tone, then a darker color on the bottom, lighter on the top. Bold florals and prints distract the eye and camouflage your stomach. Avoid horizontal stripes; vertical or diagonal are best.
Ruched suits are great, with ruching across the stomach. Alternatively, go for a design which features detail on the bust, which then draws the eyes upwards. Bikinis with boys’ shorts are more flattering as they fall below the stomach rather than cutting across it. A tankini will hide some of the bulges, but make sure and choose one that is long enough to finish over the shorts, and not halfway up the stomach.
A printed swimsuit is better for bodies that need a little more work in the gym! Try one of our new styles, the Christina full piece, or our traditional Bandeau Ruched full piece, in various plain colours.

If you have more of a Kim Kardashian bottom than a Kendall Jenner one, best to go for the following options:

LoveWaterLove String Bikini 2013Dark colors have a slimming effect – so opt for a plain or dark print – black tones or cobalt blue

Go for a high cut leg rather than a bottom half which sits low on your behind.

Avoid tiny prints, and small floral patterns

Avoid boy cuts – as they tend to make your bum look bigger

String bikinis and our classic sling bottom are the best options for you!

For the smaller hips try:

Light colors and small prints are fine. Horizontal stripes will give a widening effect.
Boys shorts can help add curves and give you a more hour class figure. Swimsuit bottoms with tie sides will also help accentuate curves. Cut-out swimsuits, where the cutaway is at the waist, will create a flattering, curvy effect.

A swimsuit with peplum detailing, or frills will help create the illusion of curvier hips, try our Ballerina Style Full Piece, or the Sling with Frill Detail3.LWL12.LWL

Options for the bigger bust:

Darker colours and large prints are best, as well as colour block, with the darker colour on top. Avoid horizontal stripes, and go for vertical or diagonal, which do not widen the body.

Go for a style which has a deep V-neck or plunge neck, which will elongate your figure and lessen the fullness of the bust, but still allow you to show off your cleavage. Wide strapped or double halternecks provide good support and flatter narrow shoulders.

Avoid spaghetti straps and bandeau style swimsuits without neckties as these only accentuate the top-heaviness. Underwire cups also give the necessary support and lift. If you prefer more coverage, a sport-racer back design will minimize the bust.

LoveWaterLove Halter Top 201333.LWL

Options for the smaller bust:

Large prints will distract the eye away from smaller busts, but you can get away with small prints too. Prints that follow the shape of your breasts will visually enhance the contours.

A ruched swimsuit with the ruching around the bust area can create the illusion of a larger bust. You are lucky enough to wear the micro bikinis with triangular tops and bandeaus and look great in them. There are also many padded styles available to give you a cleavage that any Baywatch babe would be proud of. Choosing a style with frills, ruffles and other details will also add bulk to your top half.

LoveWaterLove Bandeau LoveWaterLove Origami



Another LoveWaterLove Tip:

Mix & Match! Have fun with your swimsuit – we all want to look good, and feel sexy!


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