We decided to design our own swimwear after yet another pre-summer shopping trip spent wading through a sea of badly fitting, poorly manufactured bikinis. Our aim is to create beautiful bikinis to suit every figure and, very importantly, to give you the chance to decide what looks best on you – in terms of style, size and fabric. For this reason, our bikinis are specifically designed to be mixed and matched.

LoveWaterLove is built on the firmly held belief that bikini shopping should be fun and – dare we say it? – a fabulous experience. We want you to walk away, LoveWaterLove swimsuit burning a hole in your bag, bursting with excitement for summer and the chance to strip down to your slinky-dink new number…

We feel that something of the exotic flair and jet-set glamour of travelling has definitely slipped into our swimwear. As you browse our website and pore over our gorgeous swimsuits, allow yourself to dream of farflung destinations and balmy beaches. And when you have your “oo la LA” moment – and you will! – know that it’s time to release your inner Bond bikini babe!

Yours in sexy swimsuits and summer fabulousness,

Laura, Margit and Amanda




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